Excelia and FIFAV… 20 years of inspiring collaboration

For two decades now, Excelia, a renowned name in higher education, and the International Adventure Film & Book Festival (FIFAV) have been joining forces to enrich the educational experience of thousands of students. This year, we are proudly celebrating 20 years of this dynamic and innovative partnership. 


FIFAV… a festival celebrating adventure

The International Adventure Film & Book Festival (FIFAV or Festival International du Film & du Livre d'Aventure, in French) has established itself as an unmissable annual gathering for adventure and film enthusiasts. Each year, it offers an exceptional panorama of the world of exploration and discovery, showcasing cinematic works that celebrate the spirit of adventure in all its forms. The films shown range from tales of extreme and perilous expeditions to captivating introspective journeys, reflecting a wide range of human experiences and adventures.

However, the FIFAV is much more than just a film and book festival. It’s a place where filmmakers, explorers, and lovers of the great outdoors come together to share their experiences and stories. It’s a place where visual storytelling meets real-life adventure, creating a vibrant atmosphere of inspiration and discussion, and the workshops, lectures, and debates that run throughout the festival make the programme all the more enriching. These concurrent events offer a behind-the-scenes look at the world of adventure, where participants can learn from the experts, share ideas, and forge links. Such encounters contribute to a deeper understanding of the challenges and joys of exploration.

The FIFAV is also about celebrating cultural diversity and the richness of our planet. It fosters respect and understanding of different cultures and environments around the world. Every film, every lecture, every workshop is an opportunity to discover and respect both the beauty and fragility of our planet.

This unique event stimulates the imagination, sparks a passion for exploration and adventure, and encourages deeper thought about our relationship with nature and other cultures. This is the very essence of FIFAV, and what makes it an unforgettable and enriching experience for all participants.




A unique partnership between education and adventure

In 2004, Excelia and the FIFAV began their collaboration thanks to the visionary initiative of Marie-Noëlle Rimaud. This partnership instantly provided a unique stage for extraordinary learning experiences.

Excelia Tourism School students were amongst the first to benefit from this partnership, with the opportunity to be fully immersed in the organisation and management of the festival. This hands-on experience has been a valuable springboard for many students, enabling them to develop essential project management and communication skills.

Incorporating the FIFAV into the academic curriculum

etudiantes-fifav-exceliaIn 2007, this partnership took on a new dimension with the FIFAV being incorporated into our Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality Management programme. This unique module enables students to play an active part in organising the festival, consolidating their theoretical training with practical experience.


The participation of companies in the school’s ecosystem is essential. Excelia Tourism School has therefore forged relationships with local tourism stakeholders… a win-win situation that allows students to develop their professional skills thereby facilitating their employment and that ensures that our programmes are tailored to the latest trends and market needs.