Our partners

Privileged partnerships

Over the years, Excelia has developed close relationships with companies based in the areas where its campuses are located. Excelia Tourism School, in particular, has nurtured partnerships with businesses in the local tourism industry. It’s a win-win situation aimed at facilitating students’ vocational integration and enhancing their employment prospects whilst allowing the school to tailor programme content to the needs of the market by incorporating the latest trends.

Involving companies in the school's ecosystem is of paramount importance. In a fiercely competitive market, recruiting the right talent at the right time can be vital for companies. Working closely with the school means they can recruit our students on internships, work-study placements or even as future employees!

Being a partner of Excelia Tourism School also means achieving greater visibility, and a strong employer brand can really make a difference to job applicants. It also means developing joint projects linked to the local area and creating synergies with high added value between a group of economic players.

Last but not least, for Excelia Tourism School, it is the assurance of being able to offer a portfolio of programmes and courses reflecting the realities of the market.