Our Campuses : Paris, La Rochelle and Tours

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An Industry 5.0 campus of 4 000m2

Located in Paris Cachan, Excelia Tourism School’s campus is spread across a spacious area of 40 000 m², combining the latest in modernity and technology with green open spaces. The entire campus has been designed specifically for the ambitious, inquisitive student who is ready to embrace the world!

Why choose Excelia in Paris

  • An Industry 5.0 campus… benefit from a unique and innovative learning environment offering specially designed areas for an academic experience that fosters interaction and sharing, with a number of creativity zones (15 hi-tech work rooms and 30 cubicles for group work).
  • Convenient transport… enjoy easy access to public transport making travelling a breeze!
  • A range of accommodation options... whether you are looking for the conviviality of a university residence, sharing a flat with friends or the independence of a private apartment, Paris has something for everyone!
  • A professional network at your fingertips... enjoy access to a privileged network of professional contacts, the chance to attend major events and to seize unique opportunities.
  • Cultural immersion... experience everything Paris has to offer! Culture, art, history and so much more! 

Find out more about our programmes available on the Paris campus: 

Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality Management

MSc in Tourism and Event Management


La Rochelle

Our campus in La Rochelle... a dynamic city with plenty to offer

Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the historic heart of La Rochelle, Excelia’s campus is so much more than just a place to study. Here, you will have the opportunity for personal development, whilst enjoying a maritime experience and the chance to discover new horizons!

Why choose Excelia in La Rochelle?

  • A vibrant, eco-friendly city... enjoy life in a city fully committed to sustainable development, offering a multitude of cultural events and a rich marine biodiversity.
  • An innovative campus… benefit from an infrastructure designed to encourage an interactive and dynamic learning experience, with collaborative spaces and innovative learning rooms: the emphasis is on facilitating exchange and discussion whilst stimulating creativity.
  • Beach life in the heart of the city... enjoy the temperate climate, magnificent beaches, a picturesque port and a friendly ambience, making La Rochelle a perfect place to live and study.
  • A local and international network... benefit from a wealth of professional contacts thanks to the strategic location of La Rochelle, a historic yet modern city with a truly international outlook.
  • Convenient transportation... appreciate a comprehensive transportation network, making it easy to travel between the campus, the city centre and the coast.

Find out more about our programmes available on the La Rochelle campus: 

Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management

MSc International Hospitality

MSc in Destination and Tourist Projects




Our campus in Tours… a city combining history and new technologies 

Excelia’s campus is located in Tours, a city in the heart of the Loire Valley, famous for its majestic Châteaux and renowned vineyards, offering a perfect fusion of heritage and academic modernity.

Why choose Excelia in Tours

  • A World Heritage region... immerse yourself in the cultural and historical heritage of the Loire Châteaux, whilst studying in a highly stimulating learning environment.
  • A dynamic network... benefit from a thriving economy and academic environment, strengthened by the position enjoyed by Tours as a major hub for business and knowledge.
  • Culture and gastronomy... stimulate your tastebuds with the region’s culinary delights, take part in a variety of cultural events and discover the Loire’s legendary wines.
  • Affordable accommodation... from modern student residences to cosy city-centre flats, it’s easy to find a place to suit your needs.
  • Transport and links... benefit from excellent road and rail links, making it easy to get around the city as well as to travel to other major French cities (less than 1 hour by TGV to Paris).

Find out more about our programmes available on the Tours campus:

Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management

MSc International Tourism and Destination




*application for extension currently in progress for the Parisian campus