Choosing excelia

means becoming an ACTOR 

in the world of tomorrow!

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Excelia, a leading higher education group, has been active in the field of initial and continuing education for over 30 years.

A veritable centre of education offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in several key French cities (La Rochelle, Tours, Orleans, Paris), Excelia comprises 5 multidisciplinary schools:

  • Excelia Business School: a major business and management school with triple accreditation, AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA
  • Excelia Tourism School: the first French School to be awarded UNWTO.TedQual certification by the UN World Tourism Organization
  • Excelia Digital Communication School: offering programmes in Communications, Digital Design and Strategy
  • and new programmes in fields such as Health & Wellbeing, Real Estate, Languages & Cultures and Preparatory programmes

A socially responsible school with core values

Excelia’s ambition is to guarantee access to knowledge and educational excellence for all, in all regions, by understanding and addressing economic, environmental, ethical, social, societal and regional challenges. Excelia has a unique pedagogical and economic model that distinguishes it from other schools. It is committed to educating students to become responsible professionals, ensuring their employability, and contributing to the digital transformation of companies and to the dynamics of its local regions.

Excelia’s pioneering spirit is based on its core values: Sharing, Humanity, Courage, Responsibility and Commitment.


  • Sharing…
  • By building our future together, drawing on the strength of collective intelligence and collaborative working.
  • Humanity…
  • By understanding the world and those who live in it, in all their diversity, by nurturing a sense of humility throughout a student’s education.
  • Courage…
  • By developing a spirit of ‘discovery’, so important to Excelians, the ability to adapt and the power of persuasion, all of which are essential for the employability of our students.
  • Responsibility…
  • By encouraging a genuine commitment to Sustainable Development & CSR, with the aim of making the world a better place.
  • Commitment…
  • By strengthening our ethical responsibility towards our stakeholders, our loyalty to our values, and our informed decision making in line with our civic commitment.


Choosing Excelia means making a commitment... looking further and thinking bigger!

Excelia’s DNA

Ethics and CSR are powerful features of Excelia, which the group continues to pursue through innovative projects that convey a sense of purpose, and through courses that are common to all its programmes. With the launch of its Climacité© initiative, the group has strengthened its commitment to the community by offering students the opportunity to uphold the values of Excelia through a project with an environmental focus, thereby contributing to protecting our planet. Its objective is to raise awareness, educate and train students in the issues of environmental protection and climate change. The Humacité© initiative is a testament to the human values that our students share, by living a unique human experience, helping people in need, in France or abroad. With activities involving social wellbeing, support, coordination, training or education, among other things this project enables students to develop their sense of commitment, their ability to be an actor of change and their capacity to adapt.

An INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK... it’s second nature!

Developing an international outlook is an essential element of all Excelia’s programmes. Taking a different view of the world and opening up to others is a fundamental principle at Excelia. This is why each student has the opportunity of an international experience. Beyond learning a language and developing intercultural skills, experiences abroad enable students to learn to adapt, to become more independent and responsible, as well as more flexible and mobile. It is also a great way to increase resistance to stress and to improve team spirit! There are several possibilities available to students: international academic expatriation for a semester, or even a year, in one of our many partner universities; opting for a double qualification and a ‘multi-campus’ programme; international internships; humanitarian projects… just a few of the educational experiences available abroad!