Cultural Diversity

Excelia’s multicultural environment gives students the opportunity to learn how to work and live with different cultures and to acquire different visions of the world.

Educating students to be curious, to be open to other cultures, and to understand international issues in order to become actors of change in an international context…these are just some of the many objectives of Excelia!

A school with a global outlook

Joining Excelia is the assurance that you will benefit from a high level of education, and enjoy the best possible welcome and study conditions. This is why each year Excelia attracts more and more students from all over the world. With students, research-active faculty and industry professional lecturers of more than 80 different nationalities, Excelia is a veritable cosmopolitan school. Each student is exposed to a multicultural environment on a daily basis, opening their minds to new perspectives.

Across its three campuses, Excelia counts more than 25% international students out of a total of nearly 5,000.
Furthermore, more than half of the teaching personnel is made up of international research-active faculty and international industry professionals. And, each year, Visiting Professors from international partner universities come to teach on Excelia’s programmes.

As a veritable added value for all those who make up the ‘community’ of our educational group, this exposure to international cultures and experiences also provides a better understanding of the global context of the business world. This international dimension also creates the opportunity to develop professional skills adapted to the challenges and needs of international companies.


Speaking several languages…a key skill

Excelia Tourism School is a leading applied management school, specialising in the fields of tourism, leisure, hospitality, event management and tourist destinations. It educates students to become socially-responsible and operational experts, capable of understanding all the facets and challenges of a rapidly changing tourism sector. The international dimension, incorporated into all Excelia programmes and schools, is even more pronounced and ingrained in the various Excelia Tourism School programmes, of which language learning is an integral and important  part.
Students at Excelia Tourism School can choose to study in French (with 20% of less

ons in English) or 100% in English. During the course of their studies, they will have to select a second and a third language from German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese or even sign language! Fully aware that linguistic skills prove a real advantage in the job market, Excelia Tourism School does its utmost to promote language learning.
In a context of increased globalisation, whether it be business transactions or even political or cultural interaction, mastery of several languages enhances employability and prospects for career development.

The skills involved in learning a language are as important as the language itself. Mastery of one or more languages is often a sign of adaptability and open-mindedness. By perfecting the language of another country, you also learn about its customs and culture.


Excelia… international presence and recognition

Excelia has an international presence thanks to its overseas offices in India, China, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Morocco and in the Antilles/Americas. It has international recognition thanks to its performance in the major world rankings (Financial Times, QS, The Economist, Eduniversal, etc.).

Excelia’s international dimension is also apparent through the numerous partnerships it has developed with universities around the world. In 2021, Excelia passed the mark of 200 partner universities, of which 70 relate to Excelia Tourism School, demonstrating a mutual trust and a common desire for international mobility and exchanges.