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  • Morgan Rieux
    If an opportunity presents itself, you should seize it… it can only be beneficial for both your personal development and for enriching your CV.
  • Louis Troiville
    Such experiences not only  give you the opportunity to learn about different ways of living but also about different ways of working.
  • Jeanne Jourdain
    Always be open-minded and take advantage of all the opportunities to travel given to you by the school… and learn as much as possible!
  • Mathilde Gervais
    This experience was incredibly enriching in terms of openness and tolerance.
  • Flavie Violette
    These experiences are a major differentiating factor from other study paths that I might have taken.
  • Elisabeth Dupuis
    I think that international experiences are very valuable not only for you as an individual but also in terms of your future career.
  • Erwan Launay
    The most memorable part of this first year was having the opportunity to work on a class project with the teams at Yves Rocher, a French skin care, cosmetics and perfume company.
  • Charlotte Heurtevent
    Experiences abroad are unique and I think everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy at least one such experience during their studies.
  • Cécile Claraz
    I’ve been lucky enough to have had several international experiences, all of which were very enriching. You learn a lot from the local people, and about their customs... you need to have an experience like this at least once in your life!
  • Capucine Huon
    The most memorable moment for me was my trip to Lapland. It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip and extraordinary because of the beauty of the landscape, the experiences and the people I met...