Our Graduates

The world is their oyster!


Today, graduates of Excelia Tourism School hold a wide variety of positions in the many diverse fields of tourism management… Travel & Destination Management, Event Management, Hospitality, International Tourism, Sommellerie & Wine Tourism, Tourism & Sustainable Development, Leisure & Sports.
Working in the tourism industry, our former students quickly rise to positions of responsibility, in different types of organisations on all five continents.
There are hundreds of possible professions as the sector is so vast, and with such a variety of jobs, you are sure to find the perfect one for you!

  • 100%
  • of Bachelor students
  • 100%
  • of MSc students
  • secure employment within 6 months of graduating
  • 72%
  • of Bachelor students
  • 80%
  • of MSc students
  • sign a job contract before the end of their studies
  • 36%
  • of Bachelor students
  • 42%
  • of MSc students
  • work abroad

Our graduates’ careers

  • Leisure & Sporting Activities
    Christelle Bercheny
    Groupe Thoiry
  • Events
    Cyrélice Harabetian
    Event Manager
    Prochaine Escale
  • Events
    Hélène Bailly
    Event Manager
    En Vendée
  • Events
    Anaïs Lheureux
    Partnerships & Public Relations Manager
    Grand Pavois Organisation (GPO)
  • Events
    Lise Didier
    Event Business Development Manager
    Vedettes de Paris
  • Events
    Antoine Leneveu
    General Manager
    La Carrière
  • Travel & Destinations
    Antoine Despres
    Sport Travel Project Manager
    Gate-One Voyages
  • Travel & Destinations
    Ludivine Heurtebise
    Business Manager
    Destination Angers
  • Travel & Destinations
    Kimiya Mery
    Event Director
  • Travel & Destinations
    Violaine Malié
    Blogger & Travel Writter, Web & Print Editor
    Vio Vadrouille - Freelance
  • Travel & Destinations
    Léa Moreau
    Kpop Radio Show Host
    GFN - Freelance
  • Hotel/Hospitality Management
    Raphaël Pelé
    Assistant Director
    Hôtel Mercure Vieux-Port La Rochelle