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At Excelia Tourism School, we believe that every student is unique. So, for more information about our offer, matching your interests with the right study programme, our different campuses or signing up for the entrance test… you’ve come to the right place! Your Excelia adventure starts here!

  • Tourism jobs opportunities

    From jobs requiring transversal skills to those that are highly specialist, from emerging jobs to entrepreneurship… the tourism sector offers a variety of careers and a multitude of opportunities. It’s a thriving industry that is constantly reinventing itself as technology develops and new trends emerge.

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  • Our programmes

    Excelia Tourism School offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes involving immersive experiences and personalised study paths, enabling you to develop the relevant specialist skills to meet the expectations and needs of today’s tourism sector.

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  • Apply for admissions

    Interested in applying to join Excelia? Here you will find information about admissions requirements and the application procedure for Excelia’s various study programmes.

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  • Certifications, quality labels and more

    Established in 2002, Excelia Tourism School is an applied business school offering undergraduate (Bachelor) and postgraduate (Master of Science) programmes in the fields of Tourism Management, Leisure Management, Hospitality Management, Events Management, Sustainable Tourism and Destination Management.

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  • Excelians talk about their experiences

    To understand the benefits of joining Excelia Tourism School, read the testimonials of those who are living or have lived the experience!

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  • Book an appointment

    Our team of advisors is on hand to answer your questions and to help you choose the right programme. Why not make an appointment to talk to us!

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