Masters of Science… demanding programmes offering a high degree of expertise

As an excellent way to enter the job market with ease, a Master of Science (MSc) is a one- or two-year postgraduate programme, equivalent to 5 years of post-High School education. Excelia offers 28 different MScs...

 As an excellent way to enter the job market with ease, a Master of Science (MSc) is a one- or two-year postgraduate programme, equivalent to 5 years of post-High School education. Excelia offers 28 different MScs, all of which are specialised and vocationally oriented with a strong international dimension. Twenty are offered by Excelia Business School and eight by Excelia’s applied Schools. Here is a brief overview of this extensive and highly pertinent range of programmes.


Study programmes to shape future experts

MScs are open to students who have already validated a minimum of three years of post-High School education, as well as to managers and employees with significant relevant professional experience. They can be carried out on a Classic Track or on a Work-study Track, and many of them lead to RNCP qualifications and professional certifications. Furthermore, through partnerships with other higher education establishments recognised for their specific areas of expertise, such as ESTHUA at the University of Angers (Tourism and Culture) and the Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale (ULCO), students have the opportunity of obtaining a double qualification.

Marketing, Management, Finance, Purchasing and Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Tourism Management (Hospitality Management, Destination Management), Digital Communications, Influencing Strategy, Information Systems, Data Strategy, Design Direction, Real Estate Management, Healthcare Management... through all these programmes of excellence, our students graduate as experts who are immediately operational. They are able to enter their chosen field with confidence, having acquired the requisite skill-set. Whether here in France or abroad, the job opportunities available to them are manifold, covering all the key senior positions in a company.


Training courses connected to the territories

“We create long-term relationships with the regions in which our programmes take place, taking into account their savoir-faire when designing our programmes. This ensures that they meet very specific local needs, as well as being valid both nationally and internationally, which explains their success with foreign students”, highlights Pascal Capellari, Director of Excelia’s applied Schools. “Think global, act local is still relevant today! Being strongly connected to the local regions, as Excelia is, enables us to involve industry professionals, to identify potential study content, to design ‘Learning Expeditions’, etc.”

MSc in Digital Communications and Influencing Strategy, and MSc in Digital Consulting, Information Systems and Data Strategy: These two new MSc programmes, offered by Excelia Digital School, opened in September 2021 with more than 50 students, all of whom are on a Work-study Track. These programmes take place in Niort, in the hub of the Mutual Insurance companies, and Information Systems and Data Consulting companies, many of whom are Excelia’s partners (including Capgemini, Business & Decision, Covéa, MACIF, MAIF, IMA). It is worth noting that the MSc in Digital Consulting, Information Systems and Data Strategy, created in partnership with 3iL Ingénieurs (an engineering school based in Limoges and Rodez, accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur), takes an innovative approach, combining both technical and managerial skills. Similarly, the brand-new Master of Arts in Design Direction and Creative Media, which will welcome students in September 2022, is offered in pedagogical partnership with the animation school EMCA (École des métiers du cinéma d'animation), located in Angoulême.

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At Excelia Tourism School, many are already familiar with the 24-month programmes offered in La Rochelle, namely the MSc in International Hospitality Management and the MSc in Destination Management. The new MSc in International Tourism and Destination Management is, however, a 15-month programme, which is 100% in English. It will open on the 19th of January in Tours, a perfect study location that is all the more attractive as agreements have already been concluded with the Tourist Office and local companies. All three of these MSc programmes have been designed for students having already completed a Bachelor or University qualification, in France or abroad, and who wish to specialise in either general tourism management, international hospitality management or the promotion and management of a destination or region.

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As regards the fields of Marketing, Management, Finance, Purchasing and Supply Chain, and Entrepreneurship, Excelia Business School also offers a wide range of Masters of Science, offered on a Classic Track over 15 months, from September to December of the following year, or on a Work-study Track of either 12 or 24 months (depending on entry level to the programme), and comprise both core course modules and specialisation modules. For those who join the programme undertaking a 24-month Work-study Track, additional hours of lessons will be provided to ensure they achieve the required level of knowledge. In La Rochelle, with the exception of the MSc in Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation, all the MScs offered on a Classic Track are carried out in English, which makes them popular with international students.

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A range of programmes adapted to the challenges of the territories

This year is a crucial one because the integration of ESCEM means that we have to harmonise our range of programmes between the campuses of La Rochelle, Tours and Orleans by adapting them to the challenges of the regions”, explains Caroline Hermet, Head of the MiM and the MScs. “On the one hand, we have had to transform certain Master programmes into Masters of Science whilst meeting local needs, and on the other hand, we have had to differentiate between the Master in Management and the Masters of Science, with certain MiM specialisations becoming MScs. The establishing of double qualifications between the MiM and either the MScs offered by the Business School or the MScs offered by our applied Schools is also one of the major innovations for the new academic year. The aim is to be able to combine certain areas of expertise from the Business, Tourism and Digital Schools in order to increase the professional skills of our students through enhanced study programmes. For the start of the 2023 academic year, there are plans to open two other MScs in Orleans, again in line with the Orleans ecosystem.”

Digital Marketing, Sustainable Supply Chain, Brand Management, International Business Management, Global Luxury Management and Innovation, International Corporate Finance, as well as Audit and Consultancy, and Banking and Business Administration are just a few examples of the specialised MScs offered by the Business School, open to those with a minimum of 3 years of post-High school education.