Content Manager

Main role 

A Content Manager creates and manages digital content on the web for a brand, a company or an institution in order to optimise customer relations. Their sphere of activity is multi-channel and multi-support, in conjunction with the various marketing professions.


Job tasks

  • They develop a web editorial strategy according to the needs and expectations of the marketing department, in order to optimise customer relations (winning and retaining customers).
  • They develop strategies, according to the target audience, by type of medium (Internet, e-mailing, white papers, brochures, competitions, Facebook ads, etc.)
  • They produce marketing content to promote the company’s products: emailings, brochures, catalogues (on and off-line), blogs, e-magazines, documentation, social media, user stories, videos, etc.
  • They monitor results in terms of traffic acquisition and customer loyalty by sector, using web analysis tools.

Required skills

Open-mindedness and curiosity, Creativity, Writing and communication skills, Keen interest in web culture.

What you need to learn/master

Design and copywriting, Media and social media strategies, SEO and web traffic analysis tools, Web project management, Graphic and audiovisual project design.

  • Level of qualification: Bachelor Year 3 (3 years of post-High School education)

Career opportunities & progression

Community Manager, Webmaster, Multimedia Project Manager, Communications Manager;