Product Marketing Manager

Main role

A Product Marketing Manager is in charge of a brand, product or service and develops marketing campaigns to help increase the sales of the product or product range.


Assistant Product Manager, Product Manager, Junior Product Manager.


Job tasks

  • They analyse consumer needs and participate in the development of new products from conception to market launch.
  • They establish the marketing strategy for a product to increase its sales and adapt it according to market feedback.
  • They manage the budget for marketing the product.
  • They measure the impact of marketing campaigns and analyse customer satisfaction.
  • They monitor the creation of the product, step by step; they can intervene in the event of non-compliance with the specifications.

Required skills

Negotiation skills, Analytical skills, Ability to summarise, Strong interpersonal skills, Rigour, A good sense of organisation, Dynamism.

What you need to learn/master

Consumer behaviour, Marketing, Budget management, Commercial law.

  • Level of qualification: Master Year 2 (5 years of post-High School education)

Career opportunities & progression

Group Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Manager.