Eductour…  an immersion in the world of tourism in Tours

Students from Excelia Tourism School leave the classroom to meet tourism professionals in Tours

  • What exactly is an Eductour?

Year 1 students at Excelia Tourism School set out to discover the tourism industry first-hand. With a curious mind, a thirst for discovery and a desire to learn, they met up with local tourism stakeholders. Their goal? To explore the world of tourism in all its facets, to meet impassioned industry professionals, to develop their skills and to acquire valuable experience.

These ‘Eductours’, i.e. educational tours,  organised by Excelia, are an integral part of the Experiential and Personal Development (EPD) initiative offered by the school. This module brings together all the lessons and activities designed to support students’ personal and professional projects. It provides a unique framework for students to learn more about who they are, to grow, to experience the business environment and the job market, to leverage and improve their existing experiences and, ultimately, to gain a competitive advantage in the job market.


  • A first taste of the business world of tourism and hospitality

At the end of March, students on the Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management had the opportunity to visit several accommodation providers and meet up with local industry professionals.

They learnt about the fundamentals of the business environment and the different actors involved including accommodation providers, the local Tourist Office and a major events venue. They were also introduced to the different professions and to the importance of networking.

These expeditions are so much more than simply a sightseeing trip. They offer students a unique opportunity to experience the professional world, meet industry experts and discover new career opportunities. They return to campus armed with new skills, valuable knowledge, and practical experience... ready to embark on their own professional projects with confidence and determination!


  • On the menu 

The students wandered the streets of Tours, curious to find out more about Excelia’s various partner tourist establishments, each of which offered a wealth of discoveries.

Their journey began at the Tourist Office, where they were provided with valuable information about the city’s activities and attractions. The team welcomed them in a very professional manner, giving them useful advice and explaining the current challenges facing Tourist Offices.

Next stop was The People Hostel, a lively and friendly place to stay that immediately grabbed their attention. Here, they met travellers from all over the world and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

Their tour continued with a visit to Oceania Hôtel, a luxurious establishment that impressed them with its elegance and refinement. They were courteously welcomed and were able to learn more about the hotel’s high-end services.

The Hilton, another iconic landmark of the city, also welcomed them with style and sophistication. They greatly appreciated the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, as well as the quality of the services provided.

Their journey ended at the Palais des Congrès, a majestic venue where prestigious events are regularly held. They were impressed by the grandiose architecture of the building, as well as by the quality of the welcome and services offered.


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eductour excelia tours
eductour excelia tours
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eductour excelia tours


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